Step 3: Delivering Your Speech

3.1 Scripts, Notes or Memory?
It's now time to prepare to deliver your speech. If you are nervous or inexperienced, you will probably want to choose to read your speech from a script or from notes.

3.1.1 Reading From a Script
Reading your entire speech from a script may give you confidence and ensure that nothing is forgotten or omitted, however it is the least desirable option for delivering your speech. You will find it more difficult to see your audience, and make it harder for them to get involved to you. When reading from a script it is extremely difficult to deliver your speech to your audience, rather than just read it aloud.

3.1.2 Using Notes
If you are not confident enough to recited your speech from memory, then the use of notes is a much more desirable option than using a complete script. Your notes should consist of the keywords or points of your speech - a skeleton of thoughts or words around which you can build your speech. You may refer to your notes occasionally to maintain the thread of your speech, while for the most part of you will be able to speak directly to the audience.

3.1.3 Reciting From Memory
You may prefer to recite from memory. However you should only do this if you are comfortable speaking publicly, and not prone to loss of concentration (or memory!). As with reading from a script, you should be careful not to lapse into a monotonous recitation of your speech.

3.2 Speech Delivery Tips
- Make sure that your appearance is well presented
- Speak clearly, and adjust your voice so that everyone can hear you. Don't shout for the sake of being loud
- It is common to speak rapidly when nervous, try to take your time speaking
- Effectively used, a pause in your speech can be used to emphasise a point, or to allow the audience to react to a fact, anecdote or joke
- Make eye contact with your audience. This helps to build trust and a relationship between the speaker and the listeners
- Do not fidget or make other nervous gestures with your hands. - Do not keep your hands in your pockets. Do use hand gestures effectively
- Be yourself, allow your own personality to come across in your speech

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